EcoTrack is a unique way to organise ecological and conservation activities at the community level.
By using EcoTrack local communities can engage in collaboration and organisation all sorts of ecological and conservation activities. The system involves individuals supplying the data through the app on their phones, automatically recording the location on their own properties or public spaces. The website serves as and introduction and user guide as well as providing login access to the data at different levels.

It was a fantastic experience getting involved in the product and developing an identity and web presence for the project. 

Client: Ecotrack/Steven Macleod
Design, Copy & Web: Stephen Canning

from the archive

This set includes a small edited archive of some of the more interesting graphics and design projects of the last couple of decades.

These have included identity graphics, branding, promotional graphic design, web and interactive design, packaging, book design, catalogues, brochures, and some architectural glass projects.

Prior to founding DV8 Creative, Stephen worked as a glass artist specialising in architectural graphics and sandblasted glass, exhibiting in NYC in 1992, and with much work still in place around NZ.


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