Genesis Energy
Genesis Energy required a series of panels for the entrance foyer, which function as an educational aid for the various tours of the plant, while remaining visually engaging for the casual visitor and consistent with the clean industrial aesthetic of the interior.
DV8 Creative proposed these large printed acrylic panels (the largest being 3.5m long) and created the technical illustrations to be approachable by all audiences from primary school students to engineers. 
The onsite engineers are justifiably very particular about the detail and visual representation of aspects of the plant they are responsible for, so the process required a lot of engagement at different levels to get the simplicity, clarity and accuracy required.

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Client: Genesis Energy
Concept, illustration and production: Stephen Canning

from the archive

This set includes a small edited archive of some of the more interesting graphics and design projects of the last couple of decades.

These have included identity graphics, branding, promotional graphic design, web and interactive design, packaging, book design, catalogues, brochures, and some architectural glass projects.

Prior to founding DV8 Creative, Stephen worked as a glass artist specialising in architectural graphics and sandblasted glass, exhibiting in NYC in 1992, and with much work still in place around NZ.


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