Self Promotion
Orange with a twist
When it came to making a new batch of business cards I wanted to continue producing something unique, and handmade, using a desktop printer. This time I started with the idea of upcycling a supply of backing cardboard I'd saved from packs of inkjet paper, which I thought would make a good sturdy business card.

One side of the board is coated, which “doesn't work” with an inkjet printer because of the “orange-peel” effect of the ink. I was thinking that this isn't a bug but a feature, and it would also make each card unique.

The reverse was a bit porous and not ideal for printing either, but by using just black, and allowing for some ink spread, I got a good sharp result for the QR code.

Happy with the results, and with renewed zest, I borrowed a 53mm hole punch and started hammering out these tangy treats.

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from the archive

This set includes a small edited archive of some of the more interesting graphics and design projects of the last couple of decades.

These have included identity graphics, branding, promotional graphic design, web and interactive design, packaging, book design, catalogues, brochures, and some architectural glass projects.

Prior to founding DV8 Creative, Stephen worked as a glass artist specialising in architectural graphics and sandblasted glass, exhibiting in NYC in 1992, and with much work still in place around NZ.


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